Welcome to the WCSL home page! Our research philosophy is to identify and understand fundamental bottlenecks in design and/or understanding of a wide variety of systems, and to use a blend of creative ideas, modeling, mathematics, computer simulations, and prototyping to develop architectures and algorithms to relieve these bottlenecks. We are currently working on next generation communication and sensing infrastructures, and on fundamental problems of learning and inference. 

Our research initiatives are often interdisciplinary, since we tackle hard problems that require collaboration of people with diverse expertise. Ongoing research includes developing a comprehensive framework for multiGigabit millimeter wave communication, theory and algorithms for imaging with short- to medium-range millimeter wave radar sensors for emerging autonomous systems, and systematic approaches for robust machine learning.  


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  • January 2023: CUbiC (Center for Ubiquitous Connectivity), a JUMP 2.0 center funded by DARPA and SRC, kicks off. CUbiC is driving the technology and vision for next-generation wireless and optical connectivity. It is led by Prof. Keren Bergman at Columbia University, with Profs. Madhow and Rodwell from UCSB playing key roles on the leadership team. The wireless research agenda in CUbiC builds on the research performed in ComSenTer, the JUMP center led by Prof. Rodwell at UCSB.  Center website coming soon
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  • October 2022: NSF 4D100, an interdisciplinary, cross-university project led by Prof. Madhow on joint communication and imaging using millimeter wave bands, kicks off.  The project PIs are Profs. Buckwalter, Madhow, Mostofi and Rodwell at UCSB, and Prof. Sabharwal at Rice University. Project website is up. 
  • May 2022: Kickoff of a project under the NSF RINGS (Resilient & Intelligent NextG Systems) program led by Prof. Madhow, with Prof. Rodwell as co-PI. The research agenda is co-design of signal processing and hardware to build, and develop system innovations centered around large extended arrays for millimeter wave communication. Here’s the project...
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  • Prof. Madhow and Prof. Zhang (UCSD) give a tutorial on mm wave systems at ACM SIGCOMM 2017. Slides available from the tutorial page.