Welcome to the WCSL home page! Our research philosophy is to identify and understand fundamental bottlenecks in design and/or understanding of a wide variety of systems, and to use a blend of creative ideas, modeling, mathematics, computer simulations, and prototyping to develop architectures and algorithms to relieve these bottlenecks. Of particular importance to us are matters of scale: for example, scaling up rates and ranges of next generation communication networks by orders of magnitude; computationally scalable inference in multimodal sensor networks and online social networks; and robust system designs for nanoscale computational fabrics.

Our research initiatives are often interdisciplinary, since we tackle hard problems that require collaboration of people with diverse expertise. Ongoing research spans the theory and practice of distributed MIMO, the development of a comprehensive framework for multiGigabit communication and high-resolution radar using millimeter wave spectrum, development of bio-inspired designs for sensor and communication networks, and inference from minimalistic information in online social networks.

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